We welcome volunteers to help with the care of the dogs. The dogs are always delighted with company and while they do get out daily for short walks, they enjoy extra outings. Sometimes bathing is required or treatment and bandaging of wounds. Extra brushing is also welcome.
Inge walks the pups with Suri keeping an eye on things from behind.
Shell helps Kate with treatment of wound on Lucky Kali
While we do not expect any payment from volunteers to work here, we also cannot provide accommodation ourselves. However, there are two apartment/guest houses near us (about 500 m away) that offer low cost but very good accommodation. Present cost is US$7 per night or $200 per month for well equipped apartments suitable for two (or more). Meals can be arranged in house and there are low cost simple restaurants nearby. We can make bookings in advance.
A couple of photos below of one of them.
The kitchen
The bedroom