About Community Dog Welfare Kopan

Community Dog Welfare Kopan is committed to developing community awareness and responsibility for dog welfare in Kopan, Kathmandu.  We are a nonprofit, family run organization and rely on charity for continuity of our work.  We are also affiliated with a volunteer programme that offers an opportunity to experience or even assist CDW in our daily efforts.  More information regarding our day to day activities is available under the "Our Work" - Rescue & Recovery link - www.communitydogwelfarekopan.org/our-work/rescue-rehab//.

CDW is managed and run by Kate and Doug Clendon, a New Zealand couple who have been living in Nepal for over 25 years.  Please read more about our work on this link- www.communitydogwelfarekopan.org/our-work/

An informative video about our work can be viewed at youtu.be/7nysMC_guy8 .

We currently have four staff helping us with the dogs.  Dolma and Sharmila come for four hours morning and afternoon.  In the morning they clean out the kennels, take the dogs for walks in groups and feed them their breakfast.  In the afternoon, they take them all for walks again and cook for and feed the dogs’ their dinner.  

Previous staff member Puja with some of the dogs spayed in May 2012


Jameli (previous staff member) walks the dogs 


Ramesh, while mainly our gardener, also has a good rapport with the dogs and helps with their feeding and care, including bathing, treatment and bandaging.

Ramesh with some of the dogs on Dog Tikhar day


For veterinary care we utilise the services of Animal Medical Centre, Chuchepati and Kathmandu Veterinary Clinic, Chakrapath.  Animal Medical Centre is open all day and has diagnostic facilities.  Dr Sushil Paudel provides us with discounted services for the street dogs.

Dr Sushil: "Wanna have a great day???? Start your day with a free hug  "


We have also been going to Dr Gautam and Dr Ghimire at Kathmandu Veterinary Clinic for veterinary support with our own dogs for many years.  They are very experienced and provide us with discounted services for the street dogs.

Dr Gautam and Dr Ghimire with Trunte

Local taxi driver Hem does most of our vet clinic trips.

Hem takes Kate and local dog to the vet clinic


Click on the link "How You Can Help" for more information.  We appreciate any contribution you can make to help the dogs.