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11/03/2019 21:43
Do take a look at TransferWise if you are sending us money - this is a very low cost method of sending money.  We can accept TransferWise payments into our New Zealand bank account - ask for account details if you wish to use this process.

Gofundme Update 3

26/02/2019 14:48
Gofundme Update 3 - 26 February 2019 Our fund raiser has slowed down again - we are almost at AU$5,800 thanks to several donors over the past 10 days or so. How about another push to at least hit 6,000 this week? Plus we do need another $2,000 .... Attached photos show Pirata - she has acquired...

Fund-raiser off to a Good Start

03/02/2019 16:45
So far we have raised $4,363 AUD towards the target of $8,000 AUD needed for the medical costs for homeless dogs over the next 12 months. This means that we are 54% on the way to the target for the Medical Contingency Fund. We are grateful to all our supporters who have donated and shared the...

Looking for Long-term Volunteers

03/02/2019 16:41
We are currently looking for longer term volunteers from 1 - 5 months of full-time work caring for the dogs in the shelter. Please see the Volunteering secion on the following page -

Medical Contingency Fund Fund-raiser

25/01/2019 17:21
With the increasing numbers of inpatient dogs from the community, cases of Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumour, and sterilizations, we are finding it more and more difficult to cover the costs of medical treatment for vulnerable dogs. The projected costs to CDWK for medical treatment over the next...

Gofundme Campaign -Final Report on Completion of New Facilities

22/01/2019 16:11
After 9 months of fund-raising and hard work, the new facilities for CDWK have been completed according to budget - with all funds expended and accounted for.  $3,942 AUD was raised, which met our target of $3,800 plus covered gofundme fees.   The work of taking a vacant block of...


24/08/2018 18:46
Click the link below to purchase a copy of this amazing e-cookbook - now discounted to only AU$12 (~US$8.80) for CDWK supporters.  This illustrated pdf book was created by one of our partners, Rob's Dogs.  It is jam-packed with delicious, animal-friendly, vegan recipes.  The recipes...

Communities Caring for Homeless Dogs

30/06/2018 15:02
Temba Raju alerted us to Temba - a large, black, Tibetan mastiff-type dog - in his local area of Nayabusti.  Although, the local teashop lady had been feeding Temba and trying to care for him, he was becoming weaker with each passing day due to a large aggressive, infected tumour on the joint...

Seven Adoptions in Three Months

30/06/2018 14:43
Jack and Jill, Putih, Jigme, Raja, Tin Tin and Jess were all adopted in the past three months. Jack and Jill These two balls of fluff came to us as tiny puppies with severe burns on their backs from scolding hot water.  With treatment, good feeding and love, they recovered well. In mid-April,...

Passing of Suri, Shaky, Muki and Prince Kale

30/06/2018 13:47
Over the past few weeks, several of the special dogs in CDWK's care have passed away. Suri On 10 June, 2018, our beloved Suri passed away quietly in our garden. Suri was one of the first dogs that came into the shelter nearly 8 years ago. She came to us as a malnourished hairless adult dog...
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