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Lucky - Our Latest Rescue

23/04/2018 21:38
This is our latest rescue, brought to our attention by Mingma Sherpa.  If we can get him back to health, Mingma will adopt him.  He has small tumours all over the body and is presently on a course of antibiotics.  After a few days, he will start chemotherapy.  He is eating well...

Puppies Urgently Need Adoption

18/04/2018 22:28
We still have eight beautiful puppies that need adoption - see some of them below. See also many puppies and dogs for adoption here:  

Amazing! Funding Target Reached

17/04/2018 16:33
In just 22 days, CDWK supporters have raised AU$3,800 for building new enclosures and facilities on the recently rented piece of land adjoining the centre. Thank you ALL! Construction work, led by CDWK's faithful Ramesh, is progressing steadily with most enclosures finished, and the isolation room...

Thanks to Recent Volunteers

17/04/2018 13:48
CDWK wishes to thank our longterm volunteers: Sonia and Guillem from Spain (2017 - 2018) Kimberley from Australia (2016 - present) Trent from Australia (2017 - 2018) Achille from France (2017) Christiane from Germany (2016 - 2017) For more information and photos, see...


14/04/2018 16:07
In the last month or so, a few of the dogs in our shelter have passed away.  May they all rest in peace.  Poppo succumbed to old age and a degenerative spinal condition.  Dear, sweet Bruno, who was outside during the daytime, was found mysteriously dead by the side of the road at our...

Dolma - A Happy Street Dog Story

14/04/2018 14:28
Dolma, a friendly street dog, was brought to CDWK on 22 January 2018, from Gokarna in NE Kathmandu by Palden, from Gava Nepal NGO, with a large, aggressive transmissible venereal tumour (TVT).   Dolma stayed at the CDWK centre while she underwent chemotherapy.  Although from outside...

Donation in memory of Daphne Olsen

04/04/2018 09:21
We received a generous donation from Patricia, Lynne and David, from Luton in the UK, in loving memory of their dear friend, Daphne Olsen, who recently passed away.  Daphne was a great dog-lover, trainer and rescuer.  This donation will be put towards our fundraiser for building new...

Gofundme update

01/04/2018 08:41
Our gofundme campaign has now reached over half our target of AU$3,000, presently at $1,650.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed and shared.  Please help us keep going by asking friends and family to add a little!  See our latest update on the gofundme campaign by clicking...

Fund-raising campaign for new dog enclosures and facilities

24/03/2018 22:08
Due to recent housing development and sale of land, CDWK has had to relocate nearly all our dogs in the past year or so.  Although a new piece of land was rented and dog enclosures built, it is just not large enough to comfortably house all of the 61 adult dogs and 12 puppies currently in our...

Twenty Dogs Sponsored in the Past 6 Weeks

18/03/2018 09:49
A huge thanks to our generous supporters, from all over the world, who have newly sponsored the care of 20 adult dogs in our shelter since the beginning of February 2018.  Thanks to:  Rebecca Morris for sponsoring CDWK's logo dog, the faithful, old Tiger; Kareena Johnson for sponsoring...
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