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Communities Caring for Homeless Dogs

30/06/2018 15:02
Temba Raju alerted us to Temba - a large, black, Tibetan mastiff-type dog - in his local area of Nayabusti.  Although, the local teashop lady had been feeding Temba and trying to care for him, he was becoming weaker with each passing day due to a large aggressive, infected tumour on the joint...

Seven Adoptions in Three Months

30/06/2018 14:43
Jack and Jill, Putih, Jigme, Raja, Tin Tin and Jess were all adopted in the past three months. Jack and Jill These two balls of fluff came to us as tiny puppies with severe burns on their backs from scolding hot water.  With treatment, good feeding and love, they recovered well. In mid-April,...

Passing of Suri, Shaky, Muki and Prince Kale

30/06/2018 13:47
Over the past few weeks, several of the special dogs in CDWK's care have passed away. Suri On 10 June, 2018, our beloved Suri passed away quietly in our garden. Suri was one of the first dogs that came into the shelter nearly 8 years ago. She came to us as a malnourished hairless adult dog...

On the Move

05/06/2018 11:47
Hi everyone, been a bit quiet on website and fb lately - Kate and Doug have been moving house!  Official handover of old house was last Saturday.  New house about 200m from old. Meantime a few rescues, Temba with a tumour on his leg, operable without removing leg; Suky, bad mange, no...

Raja has been adopted!

09/05/2018 22:32
We are pleased to say that Raja has been adopted today by a Nepali family that is clearly at home with big dogs!  Sunny and Niva were both very relaxed with Raja and he was happy playing fetch a stick with Sunny!  He also liked their car and marked his territory accordingly! Niva and...

Lucky - Our Latest Rescue

23/04/2018 21:38
This is our latest rescue, brought to our attention by Mingma Sherpa.  If we can get him back to health, Mingma will adopt him.  He has small tumours all over the body and is presently on a course of antibiotics.  After a few days, he will start chemotherapy.  He is eating well...

Puppies Urgently Need Adoption

18/04/2018 22:28
We still have eight beautiful puppies that need adoption - see some of them below. See also many puppies and dogs for adoption here:  

Amazing! Funding Target Reached

17/04/2018 16:33
In just 22 days, CDWK supporters have raised AU$3,800 for building new enclosures and facilities on the recently rented piece of land adjoining the centre. Thank you ALL! Construction work, led by CDWK's faithful Ramesh, is progressing steadily with most enclosures finished, and the isolation room...

Thanks to Recent Volunteers

17/04/2018 13:48
CDWK wishes to thank our longterm volunteers: Sonia and Guillem from Spain (2017 - 2018) Kimberley from Australia (2016 - present) Trent from Australia (2017 - 2018) Achille from France (2017) Christiane from Germany (2016 - 2017) For more information and photos, see...


14/04/2018 16:07
In the last month or so, a few of the dogs in our shelter have passed away.  May they all rest in peace.  Poppo succumbed to old age and a degenerative spinal condition.  Dear, sweet Bruno, who was outside during the daytime, was found mysteriously dead by the side of the road at our...
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