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We've Gone Viral!

26/04/2016 20:07
We've gone viral!  Thank you Kimberley!

Sponsor a Dog

22/04/2016 14:19
With Kimberley's help we are seeking more sponsors - we have some 28 dogs in care that are not presently sponsored.  If you are interested,please go to our How You Can Help Page for details.

Fund Raising for Enclosure

05/04/2016 16:49
We are starting a fund raising campaign with Kimberley's help to build a new enclosure for some of our smaller weaker dogs that presently need to be kept apart from the bigger rougher dogs to prevent injuries.  The crowd funding link...

Anti-rabies Vaccinations

16/02/2016 15:04
Anti-rabies Vaccinations 25 April 2015. A very big thank you to Dr Awadesh Jha and his team from the Tripureshwar Veterinary Hospital for carrying out a deworming, health check and rabies vaccination programme in our area. We had completed 235 dogs by the time the 7.8 earthquake struck - the...

More 5 in 1 Vaccinations

27/07/2015 11:29
Special thanks to Shell, a vet nurse from Australia, for carrying out another round of 5 in 1 Vaccinations on 17 June 2015.  This completed a second round for some of the dogs and started a course for recent comers. Shell does a health check on a pup before vaccinating Shell gives Goody her...

5 in 1 Vaccinations

24/05/2015 11:50
We are very grateful to Julie, Kim and Karen, vets from the USA, who came out on 17 April and vaccinated all our dogs with the 5 in 1 vaccine. And also thanks to Jay Singh, who obtained the vaccine for us at wholesale price, and to Mike and Celianne in the UK who have donated funds for the...

New Articles

11/12/2014 12:27
Take a look at our two new articles under "Our Dogs" page: Djengo's Journey tells the tale of Djengo's trip from Thamel via Community Dog Welfare Kopan to Goa.  The Kopan Five written by Kylie from Australia presents our latest puppies.  

The Kopan Five

11/12/2014 12:13
We are a group of 5 puppies, 2 brothers and 3 sisters.  We were found dumped in a flooded hole and were saved by the lovely people at the Community Dog Welfare shelter in Kopan, Nepal.  We are all healthy and have been vaccinated.  We are outgrowing our little enclosure and look...

Djengo's Journey

03/11/2014 15:56
Djengo was found in Thamel in July 2013 by Nicky and Naren - he was in pretty poor condition and had trouble keeping food down. Djengo in Thamel Nicky meets Djengo   Djengo is left at the shelter - to be picked up soon... In October 2014, Naren drives 3,000 km from Goa to Kathmandu to pick...

New Travel Crate

07/10/2014 15:57
Thank you to Angela in the UK for donating a travel crate - also very useful as temporary housing for the puppies. The puppies check out the new crate.   It looks nice outside today!  
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