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Leo gets his wheelchair

07/10/2014 15:53
Leo has a wheelchair - alarmed at first, he quickly got the hang of it and took off after another dog! Thank you very much to Chris in the UK, who not only is sponsoring Leo's food and care but also procured the wheelchair. We are all delighted! A bit alarmed at first!   Leo was quickly at...

Kate Receives Award

01/08/2014 17:05
Kate was presented with the National Senior Citizens Award by the Honourable Foreign Minister, Mr Mahendra Pandey, at a ceremony arranged by Saar Nepal (a non-profit social organization that runs Day Care and Lifelong Learning Center for the overall development of elderly citizens), for her work on...

5 in 1 Vaccinations

27/02/2014 14:39
We are very grateful to Dr Anne and Thom from Canada for obtaining and administering 16 doses of 5 in 1 vaccine for the shelter dogs on 26 February 2014. Anne administers 5 in 1 vaccine to Rikki In addition, Anne and Thom provided and administered oral ivermectin for treating the shelter dogs for...


07/11/2013 14:19
Suzy is the latest arrival - found on the steet wandering along looking thoroughly lost.  After a week of good food the mange is starting to recede and she is now getting active and clearly feels at home wondering happily around the fields. Suzy on the street.

Community Work

10/09/2013 16:00
In the Kopan area many dogs are free-roaming, whether individually owned, or community dogs.  A holistic approach, based on the participation of the local people, aims to change attitudes and improve the welfare of all dogs in the community.   Assisting with care & treatment Community...

Jessica's Dog Blog

14/03/2013 11:35
Jessica has written a delightful blog about the dogs.  See the link:


11/02/2013 14:36
Sheru Sheru came to us suffering with a severely damaged and infected ear - we suspect caused by fighting.  He is from a local temple and has returned happily there after recovery.  His ear healed very well and he was also castrated to help prevent further fighting.


11/02/2013 14:24
Kale The local vet suspected Kale (pronounced Kah-lee) could be up to 14 years old - well above the local life expectancy for dogs.  He remained at CDW to live out his life and received medical treatment for bad mange and a leg injury.  Kale was sponsored by Bernie from Ireland, and...


11/02/2013 14:20
     Dorje Dorje may look scary and gruff but in truth is the gentlest of all giants!  He is a big boy and is about 5 years old.  Due to his size, he will not return to the streets as bigger dogs struggle to find enough food to sustain their weight.  He is now...

Bojo's Happy Return

11/01/2013 14:21
Bojo on arrival in September 2012 A return to his Mandikhatar location was greeted with great delight by the local people after many weeks in our shelter recovering from his leg wound.  He was also neutered before return to reduce the risk of further fighting.  Bojo was very happy to be...
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