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30/11/2012 14:11
Puchi Puchi is 8 months old and was dumped at the shelter.  Puchi is a young and energetic girl, with an interest an everything!  Puchi would be a great candidate for adoption.  In the meantime, Puchi is looking to be sponsored.


30/11/2012 12:45
Jade Jade was quite an old lady and remained in hospice care.  Jade suffered from severe mange and this resulted in permanent hair loss. Despite this, she proved to be the biggest smoocher of them all!  She was sponsored by an Australian friend until she died.


30/11/2012 10:07
Simba Young Simba was a playful energetic girl when she arrived in a plastic bag one night.  She was a little sweetheart until she was infected by a blood parasite, probably tick borne. She collapsed and despite treatment was unable to get around very well. She survived for over a year before...

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28/11/2012 07:40
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