Community Dog Welfare Kopan

Welcome to Community Dog Welfare Kopan, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing community awareness and responsibility for dog welfare in the upper Kopan area on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal.  Community Dog Welfare evolved from caring for dogs picked up on the street and brought home for veterinary treatment and recovery.  The 'About Us' tab provides a more detailed insight into the rationale, aims, facilities and support of CDW -

With local and international support we have created an expanding network for dog welfare through practical assistance, low cost treatment, dog health programmes and creating awareness, all of which have received a positive response in the local community.  Care is provided for sick, injured and abandoned dogs in our rescue centre.  Click 'Our Work' tab to see pictures and details of our activities -

Our motto is that EVERY DOG'S LIFE MATTERS. With the overall aim of giving EVERY DOG A CHANCE FOR A BETTER LIFE by caring for vulnerable dogs, and promoting dog welfare by encouraging a healthier, safer community environment.  Community Dog Welfare is systematically extending its coverage through annual programmes for dog health, neutering and rabies control. 

We are affiliated with a developing volunteer programme based in Australia that gives international people the opportunity to make a difference in the community for the welfare of both people and dogs.  And we are affiliated with Himalayan Animal Treatment Centre (HAT-UK) and Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART).  

We are grateful to the many individuals who have contributed to the setting up and running of Community Dog Welfare Kopan, especially those who sponsor the routine care of many of the dogs in our centre- for more information see - amd to those kind people who have given some of our dogs a forever home- for more information on adoptions see .

Check out our "How You Can Help" page to donate or find other ways that you can assist us - see .

We invite you to learn more about our activities here on our website. Please contact us with any queries or to request more information.

You can also check out our Facebook page: Community Dog Welfare Kopan


Community Dog Welfare Kopan.

If you wish to donate please use the PayPal link below- please make your donation as a gift to family and friends to save us paying paypal fees!

Payments should be made to: Thank-you.


You can also donate through internet banking in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Please contact us for details.


Dolma - A Happy Street Dog Story

14/04/2018 14:28
Dolma, a friendly street dog, was brought to CDWK on 22 January 2018, from Gokarna in NE Kathmandu...

Donation in memory of Daphne Olsen

04/04/2018 09:21
We received a generous donation from Patricia, Lynne and David, from Luton in the UK, in loving...

Gofundme update

01/04/2018 08:41
Our gofundme campaign has now reached over half our target of AU$3,000, presently at $1,650. ...

Fund-raising campaign for new dog enclosures and facilities

24/03/2018 22:08
Due to recent housing development and sale of land, CDWK has had to relocate nearly all our dogs in...

Twenty Dogs Sponsored in the Past 6 Weeks

18/03/2018 09:49
A huge thanks to our generous supporters, from all over the world, who have newly sponsored the...

Prince Kale has a Sponsor

10/03/2018 15:20
Thank you to Sarah Lyttle - a friend of our daughter, Indri Gordon, for offering to sponsor the...

Prince Kale

07/03/2018 16:31
This forlorn, terrified, severely emaciated dog, with startling blue eyes and hardly any fur, was...

Recent Adoptions

21/02/2018 15:49
 Over the past several months, we have had several adoptions - Ginger, Sempa, Asha and Dorje...

A Community Dog Welfare Story

01/01/2017 11:12
A mini documentary on the noble works of Kate and Doug Clendon for street dogs of Kathmandu,...

Thank You Kimberley

01/05/2016 15:33
Special thanks to Kimberley for the wonderful help she has been over the past few weeks putting...
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