How You Can Help


Sponsor a Dog

At the moment, we provide ongoing care to approximately 70 dogs, who live full-time in the centre.  About half of these dogs are sponsored by kind individuals or groups, who provide US$20 per month (payable monthly or annually) to cover the cost of one dog's food, basic care and annual vaccinations.  The cost is slightly higher for sick dogs.

Sponsorship enables a sponsor to get to know a dog and to follow its progress through receiving regular reports (with actual costs for treatment, where appropriate) and photos.  To view the dogs needing sponsors, please read more at  .  If you see a dog that speaks to your heart, Please contact us with your choice of sponsored dog, so that we can send you more information on your dog and help you to arrange sponsorship payments.  


Adopt a Dog

When dogs recover, some can go back to their neighbourhoods, however, others are in need of homes.  Adopting a dog requires commitment, love and care for the life of the dog.  Visit or contact us to find out about dogs for adoption.  We can also arrange for international adoptions. 


Foster a Dog

Fostering a dog is also possible.  This means taking a dog home for several months to care for it.  This is especially applicable to puppies undergoing their vaccination program.  For more information see .



From time to time, CDWK runs fund-raising campaigns for specific projects. 

Recent Fundraising Appeal - New enclosures and facilities at CDWK Centre

From March to April 2018, we successfully raised AU$3,800 (including fund-raising platform fees) to develop a newly rented piece of land for additional dog enclosures, kitchen, bathroom, treatment room and dispensary.  A video and project explanations can be found on Updates on work progress on this project can also be found on the above link.

Contingency Fund

CDWK has recently started a Contingency Fund so that money is always readily available to cover the following:

  • Rescuing abandoned, injured, abused, and sick dogs from the street.
  • Initial veterinarian costs for checking, testing and treating newly rescued dogs.
  • Emergency medical treatment that may arise with longer term dogs in shelter care.
  • Spaying community dogs and shelter dogs, where there are no sponsors available.
  • Repairs and maintenance to existing shelter facilities as needs arise.
  • Other small projects as they arise.

Currently, CDWK is putting all general donations made in cash at the centre towards this Fund.  In addition, any unused money from the new enclosure and facility project above will be put into the contingency fund.

Fund-raising on Our Behalf

We also welcome fund-rising initiatives that our supporters may wish to undertake.  If you are interested in fund-raising on our behalf, please contact us  so that we can work with you on a suitable campaign.


Visitors and Volunteers

We welcome visitors to come and see what we do and to hopefully spread the word about the needs of CDWK and Nepali dogs in general.  Please contact us  to arrange a visit to our centre in Payutar. 

We take in volunteers who have the relevant interests and skills to meet CDWK's current needs.  This may include working with the dogs, fund-raising on their behalf, or other tasks, such as construction or market stalls, as required.   Please contact us  at least one month in advance if you wish to volunteer with CDWK.

For more information see .



Community Dog Welfare Kopan is run by the voluntary efforts of Kate and Doug Clendon.  We appreciate the help of local and international donors who can provide support whether financial or food, equipment and medical supplies.  The list below gives an indication of how your financial contribution can help. 

  • US$ 10 covers the cost of vaccination against distemper, hepatitis, parvo-virus, leptospirosis and para-influenza 
  • US$ 20 feeds a dog for one month 
  • US$ 30 pays for neutering a dog

Donations go directly to the dogs, with no overheads or extras.  

Because of the lower cost of living in Nepal, even a small amount can go a long way to improving a dog's life.

Please make donations through PayPal by clicking the DONATE button below or directly to: on the Paypal main page.  If you mark the donation as a gift to family or friends, we will not be charged Paypal fees.

We can also accept internet banking payments in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.  Please contact us for details-