We welcome volunteers to help with the care of the dogs and the shelter, epsecially those people with special skills.  

Community Dog Welfare Kopan does not have a structured programme for volunteers, preferring to match volunteers' skills and interests with our needs at the time.

Purpose of Volunteering with CDWK:

·         Provide assistance to Community Dog Welfare Kopan by helping with dog care, construction, publicity, fund-raising, sponsorship, and adoption, as well promotion of dog welfare in the local community, as required at the time.

·         Provide the volunteers with experience in caring for community and rescued dogs and interacting with the local community in the Kopan area of Kathmandu.

Possible Tasks could include:

  1. Care and treatment of dogs, including clinic visits.
  2. Dog handling: walking, bathing and grooming.
  3. Training dogs that are candidates for rehoming to increase chances of adoption.
  4. Creating toys and games for the puppies, spending time playing with them and correcting bad habits.
  5. Helping with fund raising, and promoting sponsorship and adoption.
  6. Assistance with Facebook stories, and articles, including photography.
  7. Promotion of community vaccination and sterilization programmes by distributing fliers, and posting signage in the Kopan area (as needed).
  8. Interacting with the local community to improve dog welfare.
  9. Construction work when needed.
  10. Other tasks as required. 


Previous Volunteers

Sonia and Guillem from Spain have been volunteering with us from December 2017 until April 2018.  Each morning they come and take the dogs for lovely walks.  They have been a great help, particularly with the puppies!  They have also rescued one puppy off the street and are adopting one of the shelter pups.

Trent, from Western Australia, has been visiting the CDWK centre for a few days to a few weeks every month or so since late 2017.  The dogs loved his visits because he gave them extra love and took them for long walks, and even jogs.  Sad that he has now gone back to Australia - hope to see him here again later in the year!

Kimberley helping Doug with fund-raising, sponsorship drive, and website and facebook updates in 2018.

Achille from France spent 3 months with us in late 2017 coming to walk and be with the dogs.

Christiane from Germany spent many months with us in 2016 and 2017, during which time she rescued and adopted Sempa and took him back to Germany.

Inge walks the pups with Suri keeping an eye on things from behind. (2015)
Shell helps Kate with treatment of wound on Lucky Kali. (2015)

Kimberley, from Australia, treating Pashi's skin condition with oil. (2016)

Lydia from Ireland used to come to the centre each Saturday for over a year to walk dogs, rain, hail or shine. (2013)