Dolma - A Happy Street Dog Story

14/04/2018 14:28

Dolma, a friendly street dog, was brought to CDWK on 22 January 2018, from Gokarna in NE Kathmandu by Palden, from Gava Nepal NGO, with a large, aggressive transmissible venereal tumour (TVT).  

Dolma stayed at the CDWK centre while she underwent chemotherapy.  Although from outside our area, as Palden was unable to find a safe place to keep Dolma while under treatment and was prepared to meet the treatment costs, we took her in.  Palden collected her every Saturday morning, and took her to the Kathmandu Veterinary Clinic in Chakrapath where Dr Gautam and Dr Ghimire gave her the chemo shots.  Gava Nepal paid for all her treatment costs.

After 7 rounds of chemotherapy, Dolma was spayed and some other minor tumours removed.  She was then vaccinated and is now 100% healthy.

On 31 March, Palden collected Dolma from the CDWK centre and returned her to her own place in the Gokarna community, where local people will care for her.

Dolma and Palden have a very special bond of love.  Palden will check up on Dolma regularly.