Fund-raising campaign for new dog enclosures and facilities

24/03/2018 22:08

Due to recent housing development and sale of land, CDWK has had to relocate nearly all our dogs in the past year or so.  Although a new piece of land was rented and dog enclosures built, it is just not large enough to comfortably house all of the 61 adult dogs and 12 puppies currently in our care.  We have rented and fenced another piece of land but we now have to raise the funds to make it suitable for dogs. 

Therefore, we have set up a fund-raising campaign to raise enough money to make three new dog enclosures (two for well dogs and one for sick dogs), as well as to renovate the old house on the land to create a treatment room, kitchen for preparing the dog food, sleeping room for the most vulnerable dogs, store room, and office space. 

As the rainy season is fast approaching, we need to raise the estimated $2374USD ($3003AUD), and get the work done, as soon as possible.

Please visit the fund-raising campaign to see a video of the new site and for details of the project to develop this land and renovate the existing house. 

Thank you for your support.