Gofundme Campaign -Final Report on Completion of New Facilities

22/01/2019 16:11
After 9 months of fund-raising and hard work, the new facilities for CDWK have been completed according to budget - with all funds expended and accounted for.  $3,942 AUD was raised, which met our target of $3,800 plus covered gofundme fees.
The work of taking a vacant block of land with a run-down house on it and turning it into facilities to effectively shelter and care for rescued and vulnerable dogs was nearly all done by Ramesh and the staff of CDWK - an amazing job considering that he maintained his other duties all the while.
In Phase 1 (May-June 2018):
  • Three internal dog yards were created - fenced and gated - one for older dogs, one for younger dogs and another for recovering dogs and those waiting to travel overseas.  Dogs were immediately placed in these yards.
  • A double-gated entry was made to prevent any escapes.
  • The washroom for staff and visitors, plus an isolation room, was built.
  • Water was supplied to the site from the local well via a pump and water tank.
In Phase 2 (June - August 2018):
  • The dilapidated cowshed was converted into a fully-functional kitchen for cooking the dog’s daily food.
  • The walkway areas around the kitchen and washroom were paved.
  • One set of two pens for sick and injured dogs was built.
  • The refrigerator for medicines installed.
In Phase 3 (September to October 2018):
  • The old house was re-wired.
  • The internal walls of the front rooms were painted.
  • The dispensary room was completed.
  • Storage space was allocated and filled.
During Phase 4 (November 2018 to January 2019):
  • The back room of the existing old house was paved and converted into sleeping rooms for dogs in adjoining yards. Each room has raised platforms where the dogs can sleep at night or during the heat of the day, plus a doorway into the outside yards.
  • Another set of 6 pens for sick and injured dogs was constructed- and immediately filled with rescue cases.
  • New sleeping boxes have been made.
Kate, Doug, the CDWK staff and the dogs thank all the kind donors for their generous donations and moral support during this project.   The creation of these new facilities have relieved the pressure on the existing yards, and have allowed CDWK to take in more street dogs in need of care and inpatient treatment, many of whom are returned to their communities but some of whom have had to remain in the shelter.