Passing of Suri, Shaky, Muki and Prince Kale

30/06/2018 13:47

Over the past few weeks, several of the special dogs in CDWK's care have passed away.

Suri On 10 June, 2018, our beloved Suri passed away quietly in our garden.

Suri was one of the first dogs that came into the shelter nearly 8 years ago. She came to us as a malnourished hairless adult dog covered in sores.

Suri recovered slowly but surely from her initial condition but has been beset by numerous other illnesses over the years, including a debilitating physical condition called spondylitis.  Suri was a fighter and overcame one downturn after another.  But in the end, her age of over 14 years and a tumour on her lungs finally took her.

Suri will be remembered as the matriarch of the dogs in the shelter, always breaking up fights and keeping the peace with her big voice and large presence.  She was the most intelligent dog, gracious and dignified. She had a sixth sense about her. She was a gentle dog who liked people. She will be sorely missed.


A few days after the passing of Suri, lovable little Shaky died. He had not been very bright for a few days.  As Kate was carrying him to the taxi to take him to Dr Sushil, he peacefully died in her arms.

Although Shaky had only been in the CDWK centre for about 7 months, he was quite a character.  He was a bright, active friendly little soul - a far cry from the trembling, forlorn, thin, disheveled little dog that Kate rescued from the streets in late 2017.

Shaky was happy in the shelter and was reasonably healthy, despite his age, and an impaired front leg and occasional tremor, the result of previous distemper.  We are glad that we were able to give him a loving home with good food for the last part of his life. 

Prince Kale

The charming, personable Prince Kale passed away on 26 June.

Despite his remarkable recovery from the emaciated, hairless, aggressive, terrified dog we rescued in September 2017, Prince Kale was left with several chronic conditions, including oedema and liver problems, as a result of his previous serious neglect and abuse.

Lately, Prince Kale had been a bit up and down, and had just visited the vet.  We thought he was picking up as he seemed brighter and was able to go for short walks outside and lounge around in the grass.  So we were quite surprised when he just lay down in the yard and passed away. He took his last breath in Kate's arms.

Prince Kale was a larger than life dog with a human-like personality.  When he was well, he loved to frolic with the pups, and he would guard the shelter from other dogs and even people.  He loved a walk in the adjoining field, and could manipulate anyone with his blue eyes and a bit of a sulk.

Prince Kale will be sadly missed.


Muki, a friendly street dog, was brought to us by the Ghimire family. He was a suffering from a severe case of throat, mouth and neck warts. The Ghimire family intended to take him back into their community and care for him once he had recovered.

Muki was a patient, gentle, long-suffering dog, who responded well to human company. While Dr Sushil initially estimated that the warts would drop off by themselves when his immune system picked up from good feeding, this did not happen. Despite a fight, the viral wart infection did not resolve. Bouts of secondary infections and subsequent aggressive treatment also knocked him around. Friendly and affectionate to the end, after four months in the CDWK centre, Muki passed away.