Prince Kale

07/03/2018 16:31

This forlorn, terrified, severely emaciated dog, with startling blue eyes and hardly any fur, was found staggering along in the middle of the road.  We were horrified at his condition - he did not even look like a real dog - so spooky to behold!

Prince Kale was diagnosed with severe tick fever, mange, and liver damage, as well as an injured hind leg from a previous break.  He was very aggressive - an obvious sign of abuse and extreme fear.  Due to his vicious nature, he was kept with his owner at the local carpet factory during his initial treatment.  He did improve a little at first before he went downhill.  This time, we brought him back to the shelter.

He was then medicated and syringe fed four times a day for the next few months.  During which time, he suffered oedema in his hind legs.  He was severely depressed, having given up on life.  He would just lie down as if waiting to die.  But slowly, slowly, he became easier to handle, and his fur improved.  But he still remained listless.


Then he began to trust us.  And suddenly, three weeks ago, Prince Kale decided that he did want to live.  He started to walk, to greet visitors, to defend his territory and play with the pups.  What a transformation - now he is a well-adjusted, playful, fluffy, black dog who bounds up to all newcomers.  He certainly is a Prince Charming.