Recent Adoptions

21/02/2018 15:49

 Over the past several months, we have had several adoptions - Ginger, Sempa, Asha and Dorje 2. 


Ginger came to us as a puppy who was found abandoned at Kopan Monastery.  She remained with us for a few years until George, who was here during post-earthquake relief, fell in love with her beautiful hazel eyes, and decided to bring her back home.

So...... Ginger was rehomed with George in Atlanta city, Georgia, USA.  She is extremely happy with her new family. 

Thank you, George and family.


Sempa was abandoned, curled in a little ball in the middle of a busy Kathmmandu intersection.  Christiane, a visitor from Germany, saw him, and brought Kate out to rescue him.  He had a large aggressive tumour on his nose.  Christiane, who became a wonderful volunteer in our shelter for 3 months, lovingly saw Sempa through his chemotherapy and his rehabilitation.  After Christiane's return, Tsempa remained with us in the shelter for several months until Christiane was able to come back to Nepal and take Sempa back home to Germany with her. 


Dorje was found wandering in nearby forest by some local children.  He  was evidently an owned dog who had been dumped.  He came to live with us in the shelter until a local family requested us for a large dog to help guard their new house.  Dorje went to stay with his new family, only half a kilometre from the shelter.  He is cared for and apart from an occassional illness, seems fine. 



Samantha Edgar visited our centre in May 2017 and fell in love with llittle Asha.  But Asha was not microchipped or vaccinated for rabies, so Asha couldn't travel when Samantha left.  In July little Asha flew all the way to Vancouver as cargo, poor thing, but arrived safely, where she was met by Shelley Adam, a friend of Samantha's, who took her on to Calgary, where she is now happily at home with her new family.