Seven Adoptions in Three Months

30/06/2018 14:43

Jack and Jill, Putih, Jigme, Raja, Tin Tin and Jess were all adopted in the past three months.

Jack and Jill

These two balls of fluff came to us as tiny puppies with severe burns on their backs from scolding hot water.  With treatment, good feeding and love, they recovered well.

In mid-April, Jack and Jill were adopted by Claire from Taiwan. They went to live with her and her Nepali partner in their guesthouse near Ramhiti Chowk, Kathmandu.  On a recent visit, Kate found the pups to be happy and healthy in their new home.


In early May, Putih, our little fireball, was adopted by the relatives of long-term dog rescuers and community carers, the Ghimire family.  He has reportedly settled in well and is happy.

Honestly, when Putih first came in, we never thought that he would be adoptable.  He was seething with anger and would snap at everyone.  However, with the care provided at the CDWK centre, as he recovered his fur and his health, he also started to recover his trust in people.  Not long before his adoption, he had started to jump into the lap of our volunteer, and started to demand pats and affection.  We are so happy that this brave little dog, who was dumped in the jungle and left to die by his previous owners, now has a good home in which to live.


Jigme, Yeshe and Chokyi, three small terrier pups, were dumped at CDWK's doorstep one evening in December 2016 in terrible condition.  Chokyi and Jigme recovered well but Yeshe remained with bowed legs as a result of malnutrition.

In mid-May, Jigme was adopted by a Nepali family, who have already previously adopted one rescued dog from the CDWK centre.  They are a caring family. Jigme was chosen by the young girl of the family - he joyfully trotted after her on the lead and seemed happy to get into the car with the family.

Now only sweet little Yeshe remains in the CDWK centre - both of her brothers being adopted into new homes.



On 9 May, Raja was adopted by a Nepali family from Kathmandu.

Raja was rescued from Boudha in March 2017 with mange and malnutrition.  He responded quickly to treatment and settled down well in the CDWK centre. Although happy in the shelter, Raja used to pace the fences as if he wanted to be free.  We wished that he would find a caring family with a big yard - and our wishes came true.

When Raja was introduced to his new family, Sunny and Niva, he took to them immediately.  And they were both very relaxed with Raja, such a big dog.  Raja happily played fetch the stick with Sunny.  When it was time to leave, Raja marked his territory on the wheel of their car, then hopped right in.

Tintin and Jess

Earlier this month, Tal and Benji, an Israeli couple from the Israeli Embassy in Kathmandu, selected two young dogs from the CDWK centre, Tintin and Jess (now renamed Jazz) for adoption.  They will take the dogs with them wherever they go.

Tintin, a handsome wiry terrier-type of dog, has been at the CDWK centre since he was a small pup.  He is a handsome, playful, outgoing, friendly dog that is a delight to be around.

Jess-Jazz was one of 9 pups dumped at CDWK centre in January 2018.  She is a sweet, friendly girl who likes attention.  She will thrive in her new family situation.


Kora and Arna off to China

And little Kora and Arna who had been living with our long-term volunteers from Spain, went to China with Sonia and Guilem in May.  From there, the pups and Sonia and Guilem will relocate as a family to the USA.

We miss these two happy faces around the centre, and the centre  dogs will miss their extra-long walks.