14/04/2018 16:07

In the last month or so, a few of the dogs in our shelter have passed away.  May they all rest in peace.  Poppo succumbed to old age and a degenerative spinal condition.  Dear, sweet Bruno, who was outside during the daytime, was found mysteriously dead by the side of the road at our driveway, with no injury whatsoever.  We think that maybe he was clipped by a vehicle and suffered a heart attack.  And gorgeous, boisterous Goofy died after receiving a head injury in one of the dog yards.

On a happier note, several pups have recently been adopted.  Sonia and Guillem have adopted Kora and Arna, and Claire, from Taiwan, has adopted the now-health, little fluffy brother-sister pups who came to us with bad burns on their backs.

And Asha, the adolescent German Shepherd, went off to Vancouver in Canada, and was met by Shelley Adam, a friend of her new owner, Samantha Edgar.  Shelley then flew with Asha to her new home in Calgary.