The Kopan Five

11/12/2014 12:13

We are a group of 5 puppies, 2 brothers and 3 sisters.  We were found dumped in a flooded hole and were saved by the lovely people at the Community Dog Welfare shelter in Kopan, Nepal.  We are all healthy and have been vaccinated.  We are outgrowing our little enclosure and look forward to finding forever homes where we can be part of a loving family.


Pip (male)

I’m quite a character.  I’m a funny little dog.  I’m very innocent, curious, very playful, and very naughty (in a cute way!)  I’m a bit smaller than my brother and sisters and cute as a button.  I think I would be particularly good in a family with children.


Misha (female)

I’m sweet and fun and love to explore, sleep and play.  Although I’m not perfect, I have a bit of a wonky walk, but I hope this doesn’t stop someone from wanting to love me.  I’m a typical, irresistible puppy waiting for a lovely home with a family who can give me lots of love and an inside bed!


Gogi (male)

I was the leader of the pack!  Adventure was my 2nd name!  Until one day I broke my leg, too many adventures!  I then turned into a moochy pooch and now Cuddles is my 2nd name!


 Cashew (female)

Just look at me posing!  Look into my eyes, me so gorgeous, I need you!  I’m the intelligent one of my brothers and sisters.  I’m a thinking dog.  I would be a good dog for a single owner or a couple.  I need lots of attention and toys.  I’m really smart and would love some training to stimulate my brain.  And just like my brothers and sisters, I need a loving home and an inside bed would be greatly appreciated!


Bachi (female)

I’m sweet as pie.  My nature is similar to Misha’s, we are a bit like twins.  We both have a bit of a wonky walk but it doesn’t really bother us and we hope doesn’t bother you!  I’m curious, love to explore and play and have quality cuddle time.  Apart from a loving family I also like the sound of one of those inside beds!