Twenty Dogs Sponsored in the Past 6 Weeks

18/03/2018 09:49

A huge thanks to our generous supporters, from all over the world, who have newly sponsored the care of 20 adult dogs in our shelter since the beginning of February 2018. 

Thanks to: 

  1. Rebecca Morris for sponsoring CDWK's logo dog, the faithful, old Tiger;
  2. Kareena Johnson for sponsoring the playful terrier, Jigme;
  3. Rhianna Wilson for sponsoring gentle Big Boy;
  4. Trent Matthews for sponsoring the three-legged warrior, Bruce;
  5. Emma Armstrong for sponsoring adorable Sangpo;
  6. Jody Gibson for sponsoring jittery, little Shaky;
  7. Christina Telfer for sponsoring active, deformed Pema;
  8. Madeleine Lamb for sponsoring lovable Goofy, who unfortunately passed away this week;
  9. Kimberley McClean for sponsoring our gorgeous girl, Pashi;
  10. Sarah Lyttle for sponsoring the charming, blue-eyed Prince Kale;
  11. Julie Scott for sponsoring gentle, sweet Jasmine;
  12. Christopher McNeil for sponsoring one-eyed smoocher, Blacky;
  13. Jessica McNeil for sponsoring our big king dog, Raja;
  14. Stacia Glenn for sponsoring lovely, golden Kharlu;
  15. Elinor Higgs for sponsoring gentle, old Kumari;
  16. Peni Stavropoulos for sponsoring playful, regal Lekshey;
  17. Alison Leow for sponsoring the beautiful, dark-eyed Minka;
  18. Shannon Stroud for sponsoring the sleek Labrador-type, Peni;
  19. Rita Langley for sponsoring affectionate Little Puchi;
  20. Ashley Wright for sponsoring the amazing survivor, Rikki.

And thanks to Jess Johnson for taking on the care and future of handsome, young Luigi.

We greatly appreciate all the work that Jess, Trent and Kimberley have put into helping us obtain many of these new sponsors. 

Please visit our sponsorship page to see the remaining dogs who need sponsors-

Of course, our overall aim is to find permanent homes for all the dogs, so if you or anyone you know wants to adopt one of the pups or adult dogs in the shelter, please let us know. Stories of all the dogs can be found on our website-