Dogs for Adoption and Fostering

Adoption means providing a shelter dog with a permanent, caring home with a family for the rest of its life.  We try our best to match dogs with suitable owners and homes, and where possible, undertake follow-up visits to ensure that the dog is well and happy in its new environment. 
Some of our dogs have been successfully rehomed locally in Kathmandu and overseas in countries such as Canada, USA, India and Europe.  Some dogs have even been adopted by tourists, in such cases we have provided assistance with preparation, vaccination, documentation and transport arrangements to their new overseas homes.  Other dogs have been successfully adopted to foreigners living in Kathmandu and occasionally to local Nepalese families.  However, realistically the chances of adoption for most of our dogs are slim, therefore we also provide opportunities for fostering.
Fostering means providing shelter dogs, particularly puppies, with a temporary but stable and caring home with a family for a few months.  This provides the dog with individual care until such time as it is fully vaccinated, adopted, or the foster carer must move on. 
Many of our dogs still require sponsorship.  Sponsorship is vital to the ongoing operations of our shelter because it allows us to use our limited resources to provide medical treatment to ill and special needs dogs, as well as for the rehabilitiotion of new arrivals.  Sponsors provide US$20 per month to cover food, shelter and vaccinations.  Some sponsors will also provide additional donations for medical care if needed. 
The profiles of dogs requiring sponsorship are marked with a yellow star below.  For more details on sponsorship see: our-dogs/dogs-requiring-sponsorship .
Happy and Shelly are safely in Canada!
Daisy is now sponsored by Rebecca
Tsering is also sponsorder by Rebecca.

Photo Gallery: Dogs for Adoption and Fostering

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