Our Dogs

Our dogs are those animals that are vulnerable - they may be dogs who have been neglected, diseased, ill or injured dogs found on the streets, or puppies that have been dumped.  An interesting video can be viewed on youtu.be/xPjO0u4pt6g .
These vulnerable dogs may be returned to their owners once they are well if they are indeed owned.  Other dogs may be returned to the location where they were found once they are well if  they were happy there and if there are people willing to feed them.  These dogs are called "community dogs".  We make regular follow ups to ensure that these returned dogs remain well. 
However, there are many dogs who cannot be returned to the streets.  These dogs remain in our shelter. 



Read on for some stories about dogs we have helped. 


Putih was brought to the centre when we were not here, and the owners were advised to take him straight to Dr Sushil for treatment.  Three days later, we were called to rescue a pup abandoned in the jungle near Kopan Monastery.  This was Putih!  Three months later Putih is fully recovered and neutered and will be adopted shortly.  Thanks to Help Animals India for helping us with Putih's initial treatment and care.
Found terrified in the jungle.
A bad case of Demodectic mange.
He surely needed help!
I've just been neutered!
Putih now fully recovered.


Bruce was brought to our attention by Narayani and Gaurab at Simaltar.  He was one of several community dogs that they keep an eye on.  He had a bone tumour on his right front leg.  Dr Sushil removed the leg in a 2.5 hour operation and Bruce has recovered wonderfully and was running on three legs in days.  Now neutered, he is still a tough street dog!  Trent from Australia is now sponsoring his on-going care.  He is available for adoption.  Thanks to Help Animals India for sponsoring his initial treatment and care.
Our first meeting with Bruce.
Dr Sushil makes his first examination.
Just before surgery.
Five days after surgery - you can hardly see the stitches!
Trent fell for Bruce!
Bruce fully recovered.


Akash was brought in with a large maggot wound.  A good patient, he put up with the daily washing and cleaning.  Following a good recovery, he was neutered and returned to the community where he was cared for.  Thanks to Help Animals India for his treatment and care.
Akash's first cleaning.
A daily clean with saline water.
A fine dog under treatment.
Preparing to be neutered.
Leaving the centre on his way home.
Akash arrives home.
Akash happy to be home.


Blacky came in with an injured eye following an accident.  She went straight to the clinic for an operation to remove the eye, done quickly and successfully, but we also discovered she had TVT.  So chemotherapy followed, she was then spayed and she recovered well.  Now sponsored by Christopher McNeil in USA.  A wonderful, loving, gentle girl, she would make a great home pet.  Thanks to Help Animals India for sponsoring her initial treatment and care.
Blacky arrives at the clinic for an emergency operation.
Fully recovered and in fine condition.


Raja was in poor condition just behind Boudhanath Stupa.  Clearly not a street dog, he had been turned out of his home because of his condition.  Taken in, cared for and treated and neutered he has made a full recovery and is now sponsored by Jessica Ontiverous from USA.  Raja is available for adoption - a gentle big dog, very easy to walk and would be a wonderful pet.  Thanks to Help Animals India for covering his treatment costs.
Raja when found
Raja now fully recovered.


Tenzing was dumped at a spay camp in February 2017 because he had TVT.  He had two choices, come to us or be put down - he came to us.  Treated successfully for the TVT and neutered, he has fully recovered and is now being sponsored by Adam from Singapore.  Tenzing is available for adoption - he has a gentle nature but is strong and needs a young man to care for him who likes running!  Many thanks to Help Animals India for covering his initial treatment and care costs.
Tenzing arrives at the spay camp looking pretty sad.
Narin gives him a good brush down after he has recovered.
Trent loved taking Tenzing for a run!
James has a bigger smile than Tenzing!

Kopan Five

We were a group of 5 puppies, 2 brothers and 3 sisters.  We were found dumped in a flooded hole and were saved by Community Dog Welfare centre in Kopan, Nepal.  Only three of us are left, Pip and Masha have died.  We are healthy and have been vaccinated.  We look forward to finding forever homes where we can be part of a loving family.


Gogi (male)

I was the leader of the pack!  Adventure was my 2nd name!  Until one day I broke my leg, too many adventures!  I then turned into a moochy pooch and now Cuddles is my 2nd name!  I am now partly blind and have difficulty seeing.


 Cashew (female)

Just look at me posing!  Look into my eyes, me so gorgeous, I need you!  I’m the intelligent one of my brothers and sisters.  I’m a thinking dog.  I would be a good dog for a single owner or a couple.  I need lots of attention and toys.  I’m really smart and would love some training to stimulate my brain.  And just like my brothers and sisters, I need a loving home and an inside bed would be greatly appreciated!


Bachi (female)

I’m sweet as pie.  I have a bit of a wonky walk but it doesn’t really bother me and I hope doesn’t bother you!  I’m curious, love to explore and play and have quality cuddle time.  Apart from a loving family I also like the sound of one of those inside beds!


Djengo's Journey

Djengo was found in Thamel in July 2013 by Nicky and Naren - he was in pretty poor condition and had trouble keeping food down.

Djengo in Thamel

Nicky meets Djengo


Djengo is left at the shelter - to be picked up soon...

In October 2014, Naren drives 3,000 km from Goa to Kathmandu to pick up Djengo, and Djengo's Journey starts.

October 2014 Naren arrives to get Djengo

Djengo rarin' to go..

Djengo travelled like a pro. Not even a hint of vomiting.  Naren gave him one anti travel sick pill every morning for a couple of days but then stopped as Djengo was getting too much antihistamine.  Naren says Djengo eats so much!  He’s been on a royal road diet of Aloo parathas and boiled eggs for breakfast, lots of cookies, and fried rice and loads of chappatis.  The second day after they crossed the border in UP, Naren said Djengo ran away, across a busy highway with screeching cars swerving round him.  He ran into open fields and disappeared for about 45 mins.  Naren said he searched everywhere, then finally just went back to the car and waited ........ low and behold Djengo came back and jumped back in himself!  From then on Naren kept him on a leash, but he told me the second day 'Djengo understands very well we have to go far and that he knows where he’s going'.

They got into a good routine together, stopping for lots of wees (evidently he does big frequent wees) and walks.  They managed to find hotels to take a dog in the room, sometimes Naren paid double rate extra to persuade them on the condition that if Djengo barks or soils he will compensate and that Djengo will not go on the bed.  Djengo slept fine under Naren’s bed.  Only the last night he did a full wee on the room carpet early morning which Naren said he quickly soaked up with a towel then left!  In one hotel the room boy wanted to come in but Naren couldn’t open the door, only slightly, because at that time Djengo was snoring on the bed!

In UP (a dangerous state) they were robbed by a gang of off-duty cops, who took Naren’s car key and wallet and all the cash inside, then told him to get on a train with his dog back to Goa.  He basically had to buy his car back off them.

One night they had stopped for a break and many people crowded around the car and took an interest in Djengo.  They started asking questions.... "is this your dog?"..... Naren said "no, he’s a free dog" (a line from the film 'Djengo' about a freed slave, when they ask who is your owner the slave says "nobody, I’m a free man'.  Then the people saw Naren’s car has a Maharastra number plate which is the home of Mumbai and Bollywood, so they asked "does the dog come from Mumbai?"..... Naren said "actually he’s from everywhere, he’s a movie star"....they actually believed this story and started snapping photos, they asked Naren "who are you, are you also a movie star?".....he replied "no, I’m Djengo's driver".

Anyway on the last night as Djengo hopped down from the car thinking it was another hotel, he heard me, saw me and went absolutely loopy.  What a welcome/reunion I got.  It is very moving, how deep dogs are, and what they remember.  So then followed quite a stressful couple of hours, Djengo was hyper excited and barking his big bass woof, and all our dogs (locked in the outhouse) sensed a newcomer and barking frenzy commenced as we desperately tried to calm and silence everyone due to our awful intolerant hateful neighbours.  Our 15 yrs old head male dog Scoobie, fully arthritic but still mentally switched on, who stays in the house mostly on a mattress, looked completely pissed off at a new younger handsome addition to the pack.  But one of the female puppies instantly took a liking to him.

Naren smelled much worse than Djengo but they have such a nice rapport going between them, Naren understands everything about Djengo now and how to communicate with him.  Record timing and very smooth trip, the last day they covered 700km.