Our Work

Community Dog Welfare evolved from rescuing and treating dogs at home.  In Nepal, most dogs are free-roaming, whether owned or not.  Dogs may be shared and cared for by the community.  It's when these community dogs develop illness or are injured that Community Dog Welfare can step in to provide rescue and support, then return the dogs to the community in good health.

Our aim is to develop awareness and responsibility on the part of both the local people and local government authorities, for the management and welfare of owned and community dogs throughout Kopan VDC, thus contributing to a healthier, safer community environment.  


The three main areas of our work include:

1. Community work -  read more here www.communitydogwelfarekopan.org/our-work/community/

2. Rescue and recovery - read more here www.communitydogwelfarekopan.org/our-work/rescue-rehab/

3. Hospice care - read more here www.communitydogwelfarekopan.org/our-work/hospice-care/


The Community Dog Welfare approach is based on community participation where people are encouraged to de-worm, vaccinate and seek help for sick and injured dogs.  CDW provides initiatives and practical assistance with care and treatment including regular de-worming, annual rabies vaccinations, neutering and in-shelter care for rescued dogs.  Having healthy dogs within the community, promotes impoved attitudes towards dogs and greater concern for their welfare.


We carry out an annual dog health programme in collaboration with the VDC, HART and the Animal Medical Centre, with the support of HAT-UK.  Starting in Wards 8 & 9 in 2011, Wards 6 & 7 were added in 2012.  The aim is to progressively cover all 9 wards of Kopan VDC.  See the map of Kopan VDC below.  The annual health programme includes a dog survey, de-worming, neutering and anti-rabies vaccination.  

                      Location of Kopan VDC